Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Binding Problem

I stared into the glass beads.
I watched my million eyes as eyeballs placed on my palm.
I watched as I controlled my vision with an arm’s movement, now to see millions of consummate mes, entrapped within crystal cells,
Fossilized only till I live to see.

I could watch myselves watching myself.

It felt strange to be able to hold my multiplicities in my hand,
To be able to hear my personalities clash unto the next,
and experience all this from a third person’s point of view.
It felt strange to be able to feel myself as inanimate existences,
solidified in a tangible consciousness that I imparted.

I, as a unity, into myselves.

While all they could do was to engender the rays that intersected at a virtual point of their reality.



  1. So cool!
    It's as if you were staring into the compound eyes of a fly which you held in your hand.

    Probably how Miroslaw Swietek felt when he was taking photos like these:

    1. How come you always have the most apt things to show? Read my latest also, titled Infinity :)

  2. To that I would reply: How come you write the most apt things which seem to be most apt for the apt things I put up in my apt comments? :)

    PS: That's called sheldongiri. :))

    PPS: I own :)))