Friday, September 21, 2012

A conversation with Priya

“Anyway, it makes no difference to your present. In a sense, that will last a lifetime.”

1.     Why do some people not have ‘best friends’? Is it luck, or is it that individual’s nature, or is it about both parties, ie. the connection?     
      2. Does the soul exist? If it does, is it permanent? Is conscience an aspect of the soul? For conscience does change with outlook and societal impact. If not permanent, does the soul mature with experience? Do people who do what may be considered ‘evil’ have an immature, young soul that will grow with multiple bodies?
        3.  (This is my favourite part) Why do we exist if we have to die?
      Life is like a dynamic chemical equilibrium. If nothing existed, the world would be in a constant steady state. Right now however, we live and we die. We appear to be stationary because we come back to the same point, but we’re not. We are the dynamic equilibrium. Like chemical equilibrium which appears to be steady by virtue of the fact that the forward and reverse reaction rates are similar, we just appear to be steady, when in fact, our life is about what happens in the middle: it is still happening.

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  1. 1) M. Scott Peck would attribute it to dysfunction within the family when the person was young - improper nurturing damages the "soul" - leaves you unable to form deep bonds with other people.

    2) Going to thokofy my own personal opinion for this one: Do we really care if the soul is permanent? not me, I am ok with dying. Does the soul grow? it feels so, everyday we learn to do things we never thought we could do yesterday, acquire new ways of thinking, new viewpoints, our patience increases or decreases etc etc.. so the soul seems malleable like cheese spread. And regarding evil, refering to the lynchpinish question of the Mahabharata asked by Draupadi "Why be good?", here is what I think :

    3) I think we will continue to exist until our existence (and our daily activities) fuels a rate of increase of entropy in the universe higher than what it would have been if we didn't exist. What seems to be a dynamic equilibrium could just be the Sun's energy diffusing through our planet and as this energy filters through us, it becomes even more diffuse (increased entropy). By energy I mean the scientific meaning of energy and not the kind that spiritualists refer to.