Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Line

Inspired by the debate in French art between the 'line' of Ingres and the 'colour' of Delecroix, here goes:

An ivory sheet, and a pencil.
That pencil tempts me, and so I caress it and let it flow between my fingers.
I let it flow on this ivory sheet, hovering at an exact distance.
Contemplating on what figment of my imagination, I will realize today.
I make it stop in an upright position, as does a fearless soldier who is ready to drop a bomb on my command.

It drops a dot.

I let it seek refuge on my index finger, and drag it across the ivory sheet.
Proud of its sacrifice, it leaves a mark on its motherland.

You deserve it.

But alas, the pastels attack!
They extend from one boundary to another, parallel and harmonized in their invasion.
Their vibrancy dissipates laterally, as they appear to move against The Light.
Nevertheless, they smear their power across my ivory sheet.

They overshadow my line.

You did not deserve this.

You are still the Maker of my world.


  1. Like a Pixar animated video running through my head, your words stoke the images into reality -
    Images of a scene you lived through. Of course googling Delacroix-Ingres polarity, helped enhance the image with details on a second read.
    It also made me realize, that I can never really comprehend the feel for this duality that artists experience. There will always be a fight raging thru an artist head - on the best way to bring to reality the visions s/he sees - what medium? lines or colors? paper or canvas? or in todays digital age: vector or raster?. I can't feel the strain of that fight. Limited in my abilities as a human, I can only feel the fights of my own field - electronics: Boost or charge pump? 8-bits or 16-bit? Successive Approximation or Flash?... Age of Specialists is what we live in - We can use each others work and appreciate it to an extent, but the delibrations that went into bringing the artefact to life is a turmoil that only the specialist creator could have experienced completely.

    Those thoughts coupled with a lazy sunday afternoon culminated into an ode to the age of specialist:

    Nevertheless, I have named the next circuit board I am about to design "estilo" which is Spanish for "Style". Estilo is close in pronunciation to Stellaris - a family of Microprocessor Chips that the circuit would be based on. Also, stumbling across Frank Stella's works, I am inspired to design my circuit board as a "shaped canvas of post painterly abstraction" (hope i got that right!) - it will increase the cost of fabricating the printed circuit board - but what the hell, what else is the function of money anyway..