Thursday, November 18, 2010


There are times when specific body parts suddenly become more conspicuous to you. For example, today I was walking towards the bus-stop from home and all of a sudden, I could feel that my nose was very blatantly there. I could see its ghost from the corner of my eye and it felt very strange. Because I knew it had always been there, making its presence felt more adamantly in times of cold, but never had I acknowledged that there was something protruding out of the center of my face. And in these weird thoughts of 2D transition to 3D, I felt that there was extra kohl on the corner of my left eye. And this was even more weird, because, you know, one shouldn't be able to see the corner of one's eye.
And both these things struck me as very odd: it's so odd when you suddenly realize the existence of something that's always been there. And once that realization strikes, that something feels so foreign, but there's nothing you can do about it. Because it may be something that you haven't chosen consciously. Or maybe minus that something, you'll look as devoid as Pamela Anderson without her assets . So you just have to put it behind you (or let it remain there in the front, if you get what I mean) and just accept it and get past it. And then wait for another day when you'll suddenly realize that you roll your tongue when you pronounce 'r' or your tittle is actually a circle and not a dot, by which time you know the feeling, and you know better than to actually do something about it.

And this is my first blog entry. It defines who I am: just another curious individual with a taste for eccentricities. Hello.

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