Monday, July 30, 2012

The woman in the saree

She looked so beautiful in her blue and gold saree.
Her face radiated like the reflection of the sun in the waves of her pallu.
Her stomach glanced from behind the cloth like a shy bride.
Her curls grazed her shoulders like the fingers of a maestro on his instrument.
Her feet slithered on the ground like naked children on a rainy road.
And her hands stroked her knees to ignite the first sparks of life-
That life that I saw in her eyes,
as she slowly looked up..
Towards me.

How long had I been in love with her?

How long had I been?


  1. hazarding a guess here: tribute to mummy?

    1. It would've fit, haina? But no, it wasn't. Just saw a picture of a girl who looked quite beautiful in a saree :)

    2. oh, that girl looks beautiful in everything!